neurodsp.plts.plot_scv_rs_lines(freqs, scv_rs, ax=None, **kwargs)[source]

Plot spectral coefficient of variation, from the resampling method, as lines.

freqs1d array

Frequency vector.

scv_rs2d array

Spectral coefficient of variation, from resampling procedure.

axmatplotlib.Axes, optional

Figure axes upon which to plot.


Keyword arguments for customizing the plot.


Plot the spectral coefficient of variation using a resampling method:

>>> from neurodsp.sim import sim_combined
>>> from neurodsp.spectral import compute_scv_rs
>>> sig = sim_combined(n_seconds=10, fs=500,
...                    components={'sim_powerlaw': {}, 'sim_oscillation' : {'freq': 10}})
>>> freqs, t_inds, scv_rs = compute_scv_rs(sig, fs=500, nperseg=500, method='bootstrap',
...                                        rs_params=(5, 200))
>>> plot_scv_rs_lines(freqs, scv_rs)

Examples using neurodsp.plts.plot_scv_rs_lines